Tuesday, August 17, 2010

83 Pace Arrow Motor-home and 83 GM Chassis data made available to all to play it forward

When I bought my 83 Pace Arrow motor home I began to seek out all of the manuals I needed, and was lucky enough to have Eugene Kocmoud "Gene", from Texas, who not only responded, but took the time to scan them all and email them to me.

So I asked his permission to be allowed to play it forward, so I begun to reformat all of the PDF files he sent me over to a easier jpeg format to make them more available to any and all who may need them. More down-loadable than Adobe format anyway, in my opinion.

 I have also added other items that I think that is helpful in regard to just general RVing for your review. If you have anything that you deem useful please submit it to me for my review and if I also feel it is worthwhile I will be happy to add your posting to this blog and give you credit for it.

Also you will discover that some of the pages are not a large as other or not going in the correct direction, and as hard as I tried to get them to do what I wanted to, many pages had a mind of their own, and would not allow it, many smaller pages will not display in the larger format, which I choose to make it easier overall to read, so to insure I includes all necessary pages I allowed them to remain in their chosen format in order to make them available to you.

I did not attempt to second guess what anyone may want and or need, if I had the complete booklet I posted it, I included any and all front and back pages rather they were printed on or not to insure that you would have the complete guide available to you, with out question.

I hope that you are able to get the best use from these manuals and you also play it forward and also share them with others who may need them.

PLEASE, feel free to copy and print all that I have provided in this blog, but if I ever hear of anyone selling them, I will take the blog down and will never make them available on-line again, so it will not benefit anyone, I am providing them free of all charges as they were giving to me, and I expect them to remain Free of all charges.

1983 Fleetwood Pace Arrow Owners Manual

Michelin RV Tire Guide